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Roma: Tuscany - letter to President Enrico Rossi - Invitation to the meeting organized by the Council of Europe for Social Inclusion of Roma population - 22 September 2011 - Strasbourg‏

Massa                                                                                                       September 10, 2011

The President of the Tuscany Region
Enrico Rossi
PC to Tuscany             Provinces

Subject: Invitation to the meeting organized by the Council of Europe
Social Inclusion of Roma population - 22 September 2011 - Strasbourg

Hereby we invite you to the meeting for the social inclusion of Roma Population organized by the Council of Europe to be held September 22, 2011 in Strasbourg (France)

The meeting is part of the strategy launched and adopted by the Council of Europe October 20, 2010: 

"Roma Strasbourg Declaration" that must be added to the resolution of the European Parliament of 9 March 2011 (2010/2276 / (INI)) which recognized that "the Roma communities suffer from discrimination and / or prejudice in many EU member states."
The Italian State, which is part of the founding of the European Union and Council of Europe is very strong in late and take in applying the principles of equality, freedom and democracy promoted by the highest European Institutions "on Roma issue".
Roma communities continue to live in extreme marginalization, are often persecuted and suffer apartheid policies in many Italian towns.
The Mayors, the provinces and the region are by law responsible for the lives of citizens in the territories administered by them and that's why the meeting organized by the Council of Europe takes on a very important strategy to allow the EU and Council of Europe the full and consistent implementation in everyday life in Tuscany.
The Roma population is the victim of discrimination, prejudice and racism for hundreds of years but it is in the 30 'and 40' of apartheid policies that make a qualitative leap in becoming extermination and holocaust: the Porrajmos (Shoa). Under Fascism and Nazism Roma families are being decimated. In every family there are Roma relatives and family died in the camps, concentration camps, gas chambers.


The Porrajmos unlike the Holocaust has never been tried by any international tribunal, and anti-Romani crimes have remained unpunished. The Roma families have never received any compensation. Since then many, living in a state of extreme marginality and isolation from the majority population. Only recently, thanks to the work and the struggle for the dignity of the Roma families, intellectuals and artists of global significance of this historical truth of the complaint begins to resurface and be remembered and recognized.

In Italy there is a delay of historical, political and cultural needs to be addressed. One can not build any real social policy and economic wealth, if you continue to exclude, marginalize, persecute the EU's biggest ethnic minority, the Roma population the plight of social exclusion of Roma in Italy, has been dealt with results still incomplete with respect to the families of continuous settlement, unsatisfactory compared to families from Balkan countries and exploded with the arrival of Roma families from Romania.
In the last 4 years are unfortunately many children died in camps and makeshift shelters where many Roma families. It is not just an accident, racist arson attacks have resulted in these deaths. The words spoken recently by the Secretary General to Italy on Roma issues of the Council of Europe, Thomas Hammargerg are clear and unambiguous. Many politicians are racist towards the Roma, racism amplify the newspapers, Italy has to change.
Along the railroad tracks, under bridges of the city, close to the landfill, thousands of living human beings. Real slums, where living conditions are medieval: no water, electricity, and sanitation facilities. The huts are made of wood and cardboard. The settlements are constantly being cleared without the local authorities provide an alternative.
Whole families live in tents and rebuild the shacks are being torn down when the bulldozers.Every time you start from scratch, it also reconstructs a few tens of meters from the previous field.The reality is obvious and need not to see it literally close my eyes and pretend nothing happened.
As recently stressed by the Economic and Social Council in the "intercultural dialogue and the Roma" (published in the Official Journal of the European Union 25.8.2011) have been spent at EU level, considerable sums of money with disappointing results due to insufficient involvement in practical realization of the Roma concerned and their organizations (3.8)
In the same report states that from now on, instead of developing strategies for Roma and carry out research on issues that affect them is necessary to adopt practical measures being implemented with the Roma and organizations that represent them (1.2) performing joint actions ( 1.4)
Italy, has for years nurtured a policy of exclusion, marginalization and social subjugation and political representation of Roma. You tried to impede the full and conscious self confining Roma families in the camps. The projects, when we were assigned to organizations and foundations Italian Roma families have seen at best as a target. Projects that bring divisions among families from different geographical areas of Europe, projects that have failed to overcome the emergency. Tens of millions of euros spent to build new camps and settlements for a few families. With this money you could guarantee an acceptable way to each family.
They then applied for assisted repatriation policies that violate the principle of free movement and do not solve anything. The families that receive public funds to return to Romania and then return again in Italy in Tuscany since the conditions of marginalization from which they fled were unchanged.
The Roma, as immigrants and natives, represent a real chance of ending the crisis that is primarily human. The economic crisis, financial, political, social, moral and ethics can and must deal with. The exclusion creates poverty, poverty begets poverty.
The inclusion of Roma communities is a human wealth and economic opportunities for all. Human beings who work for no one is excluded. Overcoming the racist logic and / or assistance and charities (two sides of same coin) that reduce the human dignity and the capacity to build. Affirmation and education for development of human personality, study, training, autonomy and independence. Through the work of the Roma community have proven to be skilled builders like many natives.
The strategy promoted by the Council of Europe October 20, 2010 to build a road to social inclusion for the Roma population is stressed the importance of training and education. The same principle is underlined by the Economic and Social Committee.
The European Parliament launches March 9, 2011 Roma Inclusion Strategy The strategy is guided by the need to ensure sustainable living conditions and the need to foster Roma political representation.
Thanks to the synergies that we are building with the European Council can finally open a new road in Italy. A road of knowledge and mutual trust basis for developing a dialogue between equals. This dialogue is what we are looking for with the Region, the provinces and local governments without giving to denounce acts of racism, exclusion is when they occur and support good practice when they are finally realized.
Opera Nomadi Tuscany is an organization that shares Roma, working for some time with the Council of Europe, the research and application of social inclusion policies.

The laws prevent organizations direct access to European social funds and structural funds. To allow for inclusive design should seek the active collaboration of local, provincial, regional and national. This is what we want to build: a project to enable full social inclusion for all.
For some time we are preparing the Summit of 22 September in Strasbourg: a chance meeting between the Region, the provinces of Tuscany, the mayors, the representation of Roma and the Council of Europe. An opportunity to build together.

These are the reasons that compel us to ask for a meeting to share each and our invitation to attend the meeting in Strasbourg. Share the strategy and commitment to social inclusion of Roma Population Social inclusion, rights, non-discrimination, cooperation, active citizenship education without excluding anyone, this is the commitment that we ask.
And 'possible to overcome racism, poverty, exclusion, marginality. It 'a commitment that we want to take responsibility. At the same responsibility we call the region, the mayors of the provinces, governments, associations and all citizens present in this country.
It 'a path of self growth and overcoming the mental and cultural limitations even before the economic hope for and what they seek daily. It 'a path of knowledge, overcoming fears unjustified, meeting. It 'a way of overcoming the crisis.
Welcoming the stranger is to open the doors to knowledge, culture, wealth.

Looking forward to your communications


Marcello ZuinisiPresident and Legal RepresentativeOpera Nomadi TuscanyVia XXV Aprile 61, 19031 Ameglia (Sp)Via Ricortola 166, Marina di Massa (MS)tel +39 3209489950Web http://nazionerom.blogspot.comemail @ operanomadi.toscana

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