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ROM: Letter to Hon. Francesco Speroni and the Northern League on racism, discrimination, the Council of Europe and the EU

Hon. Francesco Speroniand surface level the Northern League
Italy, Europe and the Roma

Yesterday Hon. Francesco Speroni she and the Northern League have called in a report known as''The Council of Europe on Roma issues in Italy and 'interference in internal affairs of a sovereign state that goes against the action of a national government' '
This letter comes to producing clear, respect for law and European and national institutional roles: Italy is an integral part of the European Union and must comply with the agreements signed and entered within the EU, the laws and European directives.
The European Union has several institutions that are the European Parliament, European Commission, the Economic and Social Committee.

The Council of Europe includes 47 countries and sees Italy were among its founders.Each institution has its own functions and responds to specific task.
Each institution has its own functions and responds to specific task.
The Council of Europe launched 20 October 2010 a strategy for social inclusion of Roma people and is working on this line in its implementation. And 'as a result of travel, meetings, studies, analysis, complaints and reports produced among other prestigious institutes such as the Human Rights Commission of the Italian Senate that the Secretary-General on Roma issues Thomas Hammarberg, has expressed his opinion on' Italy.
The European Parliament where she is head of delegation as the Northern League has approved a resolution on March 9 of 2011 on the EU strategy for Roma inclusion (2010/2276/INI)At that resolution you should study as it is paid to do it are the reports produced by Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg.
This resolution stated:
A) whereas a large percentage of the 10-12 million Roma in Europe - most of whom are EU citizens - has suffered systematic discrimination, and therefore fights against an intolerable level of social exclusion, cultural and economic and violations of human rights and are victims of severe forms of stigma and discrimination in public and private life,
C) Whereas the European Union is founded on the principles enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and treaties, which include the principle of non-discrimination, the specific rights relating to EU citizenship, freedom of movement and Equality.
The resolution continues by outlining 84 points in the practices necessary to ensure the overcoming of social exclusion and extreme marginalization of the Roma population which is the victim.
As an Italian citizen I urge you to do the job for which he was elected to the European Parliament. She is paid to work and represent citizens in the community.
His statements on the work of the Council of Europe is baffling.The European Council is working to implement this resolution, you should also ensure the implementation of this resolution and instead issued statements that offend Europe and all its citizens.What interference is talking about?
Italy receives funding and assistance from the EU, it is time to respect the European rules and with them the human rights of the Roma population are systematically violated.
On 22 September in Strasbourg will host a summit on Roma issues to which they invited the mayors from all over Europe. It would be an important opportunity to discuss, discuss on the roads to be built to overcome the marginalization and exclusion of absolute conditions in which it is confined to the Roma population.Together with the Roma people can rebuild a country like Italy that has been devastated by policies and actions that did not ensure welfare for all citizens.
Do not want any more funerals for Roma children in Italy are dying burned alive in the barracks to the brutal conditions in which they are forced to live with their families.
We want to build a new road of peace and prosperity for all, without exception.
Best Regards

Marcello ZuinisiOpera Nomadi Tuscany

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