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Roma Community of Colignola - San Giuliano Terme - Pisa: urgent appeal

Rome, August 18, 2011


Ministry of Equal Opportunities 
Human Rights Commission of the Italian Senate 
Councillor for the Promotion of Human Rights of the Tuscany Region 
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights 
European Commissioner for Human Rights 
European Commission 
International Criminal Court 

Appeals for an end of the operations of marginalization and eviction against Roma families of Colignola - San Giuliano Terme - Pisa and for a beginning of a process of social inclusion and support for social health 

EveryOne Group is joining the call - a desperate appeal - launched by the Roma families of  Colignola / San Giuliano Terme / Pisa and the human rights defender Marcello Zuinisi to the Italian institutions, the European Union and the United Nations because they intervene for an end to all operations of marginalization, eviction and denial of the right to housing and employment that currently are hitting the Roma families in the localities mentioned above: 60 people in all, with children, severely sick and vulnerable people living in a desolate area on the outskirts of Pisa. The families, despite the humanitarian crisis that concerns them, have been evicted from Pisa on August 10 and they are under threat of another imminent eviction. 

In addition to the state of social exclusion and job insecurity, those human beings are actually deprived water and any connections with the city. Among them there are workers, women, elderly, sick and children enrolled in schools of Pisa. 

EveryOne Group, after checking the state in which these families are, affected by repressive measures totally unjustified (a sign of hostility motivated by ethnic discrimination and poverty) has decided to promote a general alarm, fearing that the humanitarian tragedy in progress can take more serious steps in the indifference of all institutions, Which seem to have decided not to fight discrimination, marginalization and poverty. 

Pending an urgent response, we send our best regards. 

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Prefetto di Pisa dott. Antonio de Bonis Questore di Pisa dott. Raffaele Micillo
 Sindaco di Pisa Marco Filippeschi
Sindaco di San Giuliano Paolo Panattoni

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