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Roma World Congress - Belgrade april 20 - 22, 2012

 Skupstina - Parlament of Repubblic Serbia

Belgrade April 21, 2012

Roma World Congress  (second day)

Today in Parliament of the Republic of Serbia was held on the second day of Roma World Congress organized by WRO Word Organization Rome.

Presidenza Congresso 21 aprile 2012

Yesterday the first day they opened the workshop introductions Jovan Damjanovic (President of the WRO) ee of Bajran Haliti (Segretartio General WRO)

 Salih Senturk - Roma activist (Turchia)

Delegates from 25 of the Roma civil society organizations from 25 countries of the world have intervened in the day today presented papers and reports related to the actual situation faced by the Roma population in Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic , France, Croatia, India, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the rest of the planet.

 Dr. Darko Trifunovic  (Slovenia)

In the speeches of the delegates revealed a common factor: the Roma population is the victim of racial persecution and systematic daily. In some States the persecution has taken on the character of Genocide and Extermination Ethnic. A veritable apartheid affects a minority of eighteen million human beings of which twelve present in Europe alone.

                                        Marcello Zuinisi - Associazione Nazione Rom (Italy)

Each intervention has emphasized the importance of the existence and work of Roma organizations and the need to uphold the fundamental human rights. The World Congress being held in Belgrade is an important historical moment for the Roma People The research and the construction of democracy and participation, the willingness to go along a road in respect of human dignity raises important historical responsibilities and delegates to the entire population Roma worldwide.

                                           Estref Abduramanoski - Roma Australian Union

The attempts of annihilation and extermination of ethnic Roma by the Nazis, Fascism and Stalinism, the wars, the violence did not end with the end of World War II. The Romani Holocaust (Porrajmos) has not been tried at Nuremberg. The Roma Civil Society was not allowed even as a civil party. 

 Bagir Kwiek - Romer for Kulturell Utveckling (Svezia)

The History of unresolved recur today with new and old forms. Wars, destruction of economies and human lives, a statement of hatred and malice, they see politicians, States and civil society to be responsible for the majority of the exclusion and persecution of the Roma

 Maljoku Raif - Association Romano Phralipe Fraternite Rom (Francia)


The attempted destruction of the Roma minority has continued until today. They witness of our words, the gas chambers and tombs in which were burned and buried the lives and hopes of generations in the heart of Europe. 

 Anka Dalipovski - Kalisara (Croazia)

Crimes against Humanity and States of which politicians are stained hands and conscience have produced a "culture of racism, violence and the image". Behind the facade of the image in Europe and the world is still apartheid. The liberation struggle of the Roma people from racism and oppression is comparable to the struggle and the Black African population has faced in the '50s, '60s and '70s of the century Peel.

                        Jarmila Vanova - program director of Roma Media Centre (Slovakia)

The teachings and life of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X can be an important reference point for the struggle for liberation from racism. The teachings of a Polish Jewess like Rosa Luxemburg, a German Jew as Albert Einstein may be a landmark in the struggle against oppression and for the truth. The art, culture and music of the Roma Charlie Chaplin and the Roma Elvis Presly can open the hearts and souls to dance.

 Mehmed Mujic - President European Road (Bosnia Herzegovina) 

The Roma population is unable to cope, carry on its own and win a historic affirmation of humanity and civilization. Racism can be defeated and overcome. To do the Roma People need to defend itself but at the same time asserting a majority culture.

 Miroslav Horvat - Romanì Cherkhen (Ucraina)

The culture of peace, of fraternity among men and women, of Liberty, Equality, Solidarity, Love and respect for all living things have always been core elements and values
​​shared by millions of Roma across the planet.

 Jovan Damjanovic - President of Word Roma Organization (Serbia)
Dr Shyam Singh Shashi - Research Foundation educational Center (India)

This culture is the same culture experienced by many citizens and peoples of the world. The Roma people can find these people the immigrants and the native allies important. Many Roma families already living this life with the families of other ethnic groups to share practice, homes, neighborhoods and cities.

Valery Novoselsky - Roma Virtual Network (Israel)

Each culture can learn from another culture and together affirm the human rights culture.

                                                      The Bhagavadgita or the song divine

The sectors marginalized and oppressed by racism and violence can come together and walk together. Within the civil society are many concrete examples and experiences. This way you can.

 The Bhagavadgita or the song divine


Roma, Immigrants, Minorities, Marginalized and Poor, Disabled, Gays and Lesbians, Trans and Different, Native and Foreign, Men Women and Children can recognize that they have a culture and a common basis, belong to the same genus: the human being. 

 Jose Santos Silva - President Fagic (Spagna)

The membership and the common ground recognized by each of us, giving up selfishness as regards the world, living in daily actions the love of all other human beings can bring the Roma people and the rest of humanity to see all the kids happy. (Gelem Gelem)

Rabie Peric Jasar - Romano Centro (Austria)

We must learn to live and affirm 
the democracy of human beings

 Carla Osella - Presidente Aizo (Italia)

We are all equal

Vojislav Stojanovic - Federazione Romanì (Italia)

We are all Human Beings

 Etela Matova - Roma Press Slovakia
and Bajram Haliti - General Segretary of Word Roma Organization

                                         We are all Roma

                                               Vojtech Sloboda - Press Roma Slovacchia

The Roma people has experienced the 
pain and tears for scorn and rejection

The Roma people may accompany the 
rest of humanity towards a new world

World Roma Congress and each of us

 Tahir Bobrov - Giptzy Artist (Rostov Don - Russia) 
and Marcello Zuinisi (Marina di Massa - Ms -Italy)

Associazione Nazione Rom
Via Ricortola 166, 54100 Marina di Massa (Ms) - Italy
Mob: +39 3281962409  +39 3209489950

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