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State of the Union - Florence - ROMA ISSUES in ITALY: Apartheid and Racisme

Piazza SS Annunziata
State of the Union

Florence, May 11, 2012

25 January 2011 - CHAP 04005 (2010)

ROMA ISSUES in ITALY: Apartheid and Racisme

On May 9, 2012 the Council of State suspended sentence no. 6050 which declared unlawful the State of Emergency for the Roma population issued on 2008.

This means the restoration of the State of Emergency (expired 31/12/2011 and not renewed) and the ability to continue and terminate the activities undertaken during State of Emergency.

The Nation Association of Roma urges the Italian authorities to respect international standards of human rights in the implementation of all actions concerning the Roma. The evictions are continuing violation of the European Directives 2000/43/EC and 2004/38/EC.

The State and the Italian government continued the persecution of the Roma population and the racial policies of apartheid. We ask the European Commission to open infringement proceedings against the Italian State for breach of EU directives and EU rules.

Presidente del Consiglio Mario Monti

The Conference "The State of the Union", of May 9, 2012 took place in the historic Salone dei Cinquecento in the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. The International Conference reviewed the economic crisis with which the European Union is grappling and it was attended by the Prime Minister Mario Monti and EU Commission’s President Jose Manuel Barroso.

The Association of the Roma Nation was invited along with the EveryOne Group International, the Italian representative of the World Roma Organization, ‘Aureo Anello’ Associazione of the ‘English’ Cemetery (Florence) and the Asociaţia ‘Agrustic Somnacuni’ - Inel de Aur' (Romania) representing the Roma civil society

Zuinisi Marcello - legal representative
Associazione Nazione Rom

The legal representative of the Roma Nation Zuinisi Marcello commented on the issue of inclusion of the largest minority of the EU as one of the priorities set by the World Bank itself.

The economic development of the EU is still faced with the exclusion of Roma citizens, who face discriminatory and racist policies of the Italian State and European Union member states towards them and who request a strong commitment by the European Commission to enforce EU directives 2000/43/EC and 2004/38/EC and to the Prime Minister Mario Monti and Auditors to suspend all discriminatory action and to start real and concrete policies for such social inclusion. This is the way to develop economic growth in Europe.

Former President of Cape Verde Pedro Verona Pires Rodriguez supported the application by stating that Roma citizens are citizens and affirmed the principle of equality and value.

 Pedro Verona Rodriguez Pires - Former President of Capo Verde

Ferrari President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and the representative of Marcello Zuinisi Rom Nation talked during a break in the meeting and shared the need to overcome the logic of racism and to open paths of growth. Luca Cordero himself argued in his speech against the rise of populism and nationalism to a return to breaking down the barriers that still exist. "We need more Europe against the crisis, not barriers."

 Ferrari President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

At the end of the conference the Association of Roma Nation gave to the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso the book "Human Rights in Europe" written in April 2011 by the Commissioner of Human Rights of the Council of Europe Thomas Hammargerg.

The book denounces the crimes of racism, fascism and Nazism in Europe, Italy and Germany. There was no justice in the post-Hitler era for the Roma Holocaust survivors of Nazi concentration camps,. The Fascists had officially persecuted the Roma people in Italy in a 1926 circular ordering their expulsion in order to ‘cleanse’ the country, claiming the Roma were a risk to public safety and public health.

 President European Commission 
Josè Manuel Barroso

We invite Prime Minister Mario Monti to withdraw the appeal filed February 15, 2012 with the Supreme Court in which the government opposes the judgment of 16 November 2011 by the State Council. The State Council had abolished a law of the Berlusconi government and declared the racist decree, "Roma Emergency", to be illegal. That law transformed the "Roma issue" to a public order problem. That law gave opportunity to the Prefects and Mayors to continue the persecution of the Roma population

 Matteo Renzi - Mayor of Florence

Contribution of the  Association of the Roma Nation

State of the Union
Roma: Racism, economic crisis and development

 (Marcello Zuinisi
- speech at 16:13 - Questions from the audience 2 minutes and 54 seconds)

 Marcello Zuinisi e Pedro Verona Rodriguez Pires

The Roma population is the largest ethnic minority in the European Union, representing the poorest and most neglected social sector and is the victim of political persecution, of racial apartheid, violence, prejudice, xenophobia, and deportation.

In 1930 a severe economic and financial crisis affected the world, including Europe. Racism in Europe became a political system during 1920-45. Nazism in Germany and Fascism in Italy came to be based on the state’s anti-human and anti-historical principles: these ideologies saw mankind as divided into races. 

Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler

They commenced genocide, historically the most important attempt at the annihilation of mankind. In the concentration camps, in actuality, death camps, the Roma population with the Jewish people, homosexuals, the disabled, the poor, the homeless, the marginalized, as the main victims, were detained, tortured and done away with, millions of human beings. 

Milano - 29 april, 2012 - Fascism and Nazism

The political system of racism and war destroyed part of the world, caused 60 million deaths, tried to remove it from the face of the earth the existence, history and culture of some of the most ancient peoples of the world: the Roma people and the Jewish people .

The ethnic extermination of the Roma population was never tried at Nuremberg. The Roma population were deprived of all economic benefits, they were not allowed even as a civil party. A  crime unpunished and also one that continues every day. The Roma Holocaust, the Porrajmos is still with us.

President Consiglio Mario Monti 
and Matteo Renzi Mayor of Florence

In recent years the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of Europe have put the "Roma issue" in the center of their thinking and interests. Yet the member states continue to exclude, harass and humiliate the largest ethnic minority of 12 million people as represented in the European Union, resulting in a grave economic and human crisis. The economy is produced by people and an economy that excludes millions of human beings is an economy that produces crises, war and destruction, it creates racism and its economic and political expression. Nazism and Fascism have only produced barbarism.

 Gianni Alemanno - Mayor of Roma 

Appeals to the Governments of the Member States by leading European authorities on the recognition of Porrajmos, sufered by the the largest ethnic minority in the EU, have remained unheard until now.

 Milano - 29 april, 2012 - Fornza Nuova - Fascis and Nazis

The State in Italy was the protagonist of racial persecution against the Roma population The economic crisis of recent years has brought an important part of Italian politics and parties to revive ideologies and racist laws. In 2008 the government of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and former Interior Minister Roberto Maroni approves a new law against racial Roma: "Roma emergency is the decree."

Roberto Maroni former Interior Minister
and Marco Filippeschi Mayor of Pisa

The Roma population has endured exclusion, persecution. Actual deportations are activated in Italy and France. Nicolas Sarkozy was seen, Sept. 4, 2010, as a "Nazi" by the Vice President of the European Commission Viviane Reading for the "assisted repatriation" made against the Roma minority. 

Rome, February 6, 2011
The Nazis claimed the deaths of four Roma children burned alive
the Nazis asked to expel the Roma from the capital of the Italian State

Former Interior Minister Roberto Maroni expressed solidarity with the French President Sarkozy. The Roma population is perceived as the cause of the crisis and is used as a scapegoat for poor and marginalized minority to order deceive the general populations of the States and to gain political support and electoral victories.

former president Nicolas Sarkozy 
and former president Silvio Berlusconi

European civil society, the Roma people, the leaders of the European institutions are united in rejecting racism and the destruction of the economy. Silvio Berlusconi was forced to resign, Nicolas Sarkozy was defeated in the election campaign.

A recent World Bank study published by the European Commission estimated at 165 million euros an average tax benefit for each State of the Union since the inclusion of the Roma population The European Central Bank, reports the European Commission during the Summit of Mayors Strasbourg on 22 September 2011, dedicated to the Roma issue, is ready to invest 84 billion euros from 2012 to 2020.

Summit of the Mayor - Strasburg 22 settember 2011
Roma Issues

Building a cohesive and united Europe, tackling the economic crisis, significantly confronting and defeating the politics of destruction and annihilation of mankind can help. Racism is a cancer that kills.

The Roma population is willing to help the Europe Union tackle the crisis, overcome racism and participate in an economy that focuses on children, women and men. No one should be excluded.

Every human being who died at sea friom  being expulsed, every human being excluded, marginalized and affected by racism, wounds the European economy and world. Uneconomic, anti-historical and anti-human racism must end to start an economy of human, cultural, economic and financial progress.


The Italian government with Prime Minister Mario Monti need to listen to the suggestions of economic experts from the World Bank and European Central Bank on the issue of Roma. We invite Prime Minister Monti to withdraw the appeal filed February 15, 2012 with the Supreme Court of Cassation in which the government opposes the judgment of 16 November 2011 by the State Council.

The State Council abolished the “Roma Emergency” racist decree of the Berlusconi government, declaring it illegal. That law transformed the "Roma issue" into a public order problem. That law gave opportunity to the Prefects and Mayors to continue the persecution of the Roma population. We invite the mayors who want to participate in Europe’s Union to comply with the rules, the economy, humanity, of the European Directives 2004/38/EC and 2000 / 43/CE

The Roma people can teach the rest of the European peoples the path of peace, the unity of family, culture, music, arts and humanity. We ask for openness and a willingness to learn from us.

Associazione Nazione Rom
Via Ricortola 166, 54100 Marina di Massa (Ms) - Italy
Mob: +39 3281962409  +39 3209489950

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